Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hidden Fees at All-inclusive Resorts

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Fox 19 Morning News – Wednesday March 24th 2015

All-Inclusive Resorts – Hidden Fees

Not all  All-Inclusives are the same.  While some all-inclusive resorts cover just about everything, others will have you spending more money than you may have anticipated.

1.       Airport Transfers.
Many resorts do not include these. You could end up spending about $20-$100 per person for roundtrip airport transfers, depending on how far your resort is from the airport.

2.       Gratuities.
Some resorts have a “no-tipping” policy, and gratuities are included in the room cost. At others, you will be expected to tip your room attendant, bartender and servers.

3.       Dining Upcharges.
While food is typically included at all-inclusive resorts, some allow only a certain amount of dinners at the specialty restaurants and the rest have to be at the buffet. Also, some charge an additional fee for Lobster or the nicer restaurants.

4.       Drink Upcharges
Some resorts include top-shelf liquor and all mixed drinks, while others provide standard drinks and charge extra for the premium brands.

5.       Activities & Spa Services

A lot of all-inclusive resorts include activities onsite at no additional charge such as land sports, snorkeling, and kayak rental. Some include more than others, and many charge for any type of motorized water sports. Off-Site excursions are typically not included and spa services are not included at all-inclusive resorts. 

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