Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Spring Break 2018 Travel Tips & Ideas

This post is a follow up to my news segment this morning on WKRC Local 12 in Cincinnati.

Today I talked about why you should book your trip now, some great deals out there and provided tips on maximizing your trip. Below you will find some additional details and a link to the video.

Spring Break Travel Tips

1. Book Now!

January is a great time to book your Spring travel. Waiting too much longer means you will lose availability options for both flights and hotels and that means you could end up paying a lot more.

It's also currently "Wave Season." This means it's the time of year that all of the cruise lines offer their best deals and unique sales.

2. Consider Mexico & Punta Cana.

Cincinnati has some fantastic non-stop flight options that come with great discounts. This year are there even more non-stop discounted flights to Mexico so savings are amazing!

Not only can you save money with these flights, but you will get to your destination sooner, spend less time traveling and not have to worry about a layover or missing a connection.

3. Book a Mystery Deal 

There are a couple options available for this. The company I work with the most for these deals is Apple Vacations. They offer a deal where you don't know the resort until the day of travel. They guarantee that it's at least a certain "Apple Rating" (similar to star ratings) so you know what to expect in terms of level of luxury. If you are okay with being surprised you can save hundreds of dollars this way.

4. Consider Voluntourism

Many tourism destinations in the Caribbean were affected by the recent hurricanes. In addition to continuing traveling to those destinations (which helps in itself) there are several opportunities to volunteer your time in these destinations. Organizations such as Worldhope.org have options for multiple destinations and the Puerto Rico Tourism Company has created "Rebuild Days" where they will have volunteers focus on specific projects to rebuild the island.

5. Book Tours and Excursions in Advance

Spring Break is a very popular time to travel. While during the off-season it's usually fine to wait to book your excursions, during peak travel times the best ones can actually sell out. Ask your travel agent to arrange your tours in advance so you don't miss out!

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