Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Spring Break Travel Tips

Today I talked about Spring Break travel with Frank Marzullo on Fox 19 News. Below are some tips and a video of the segment.


Spring Break Travel Tips  - January 27th 2015

More Comfort
-         If you are traveling with only adults stay at an adults-only resort. It will be less crowded than a family resort. Just make sure you are aware of the “Spring Break” Policy.

-         Avoid Disney World during Spring Break if you don’t like crowds. This is the a very crowded time to visit. Try going in September instead when crowds will die down and prices will drop – or try a Disney Cruise combined with a few nights in a beach resort.
Save Money
-         Get better rates by leaving mid-week. If you take a trip Tuesday-Saturday you can save a lot on airfare compared to leaving on a Friday or Saturday.

-         Book now! Prices will only get higher and flights and hotels will fill up.

-         Book a cruise. This is the best time of the year to book a cruise. It’s the Wave Season and the cruise lines are all offering great deals.

-         As always, I suggest booking with a travel agent. We will help you find the best options for your particular needs.

Beth Duppstadt
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