Sunday, January 3, 2016

Top Honeymoon Destinations of 2016

I'm often asked by clients what the "hottest" destinations are for honeymoons each year. The truth is, I can't recommend the perfect destination to anyone without first learning about their interests, budget and travel style. It's important to work with you travel agent on finding what works best for YOU. I can however, provide you with some great ideas to get started based on current trends, pricing, flight options and available activities. 

Here is my list of the top five honeymoon destinations of 2016.

1. Cuba
We have all been hearing about travel to Cuba lately. There have been some great advances in American's ability to travel there, including several new flight options. While there are still restrictions it is certainly a hot destination this year. In fact, you should book as soon as possible since hotels are filling up fast! 

Cuba is a great option for couples looking for something new and exciting. Your honeymoon will be full of cultural activities and friendly locals. Keep in mind that with the current travel restrictions you won't be "at your leisure." To visit Cuba you will still need to follow guidelines which require a structured itinerary. 

2. Italy
With cities like Venice, Rome, Florence and Tuscany it's easy to see why so many couples want to make Italy their honeymoon destination. Food and wine tours are big this year, as well as visits to historical sites and private tours of museums and vineyards. For the couple that wants to see it all, there are fantastic 10-14 day tours which take you through multiple cities and to all of the top attractions. Pair that with an English speaking guide and most meals included and you have a worry-free and inclusive experience. 

3. Australia 
The strength of the Australian dollar continues to fall, which is good for US travelers. Your money will go further there this year which could allow you to experience more of what this great continent offers. From romantic nature experiences, lively cities with art and fine dining to some of the best beaches and snorkeling in the world, Australia has something for everyone. 

4. Iceland
Iceland offers some incredible scenery, natural wonders and Reykjavik is a city full of culture, street art, museums and music. Can you think of anything more romantic than viewing the northern lights with your new spouse? Iceland is a great place to view them. Stay at a place such as the Ion Hotel and you will be in honeymoon bliss! Iceland Air has some amazing rates if your dates are flexible. 

5. The Caribbean & Mexico
These destinations are always a honeymoon favorite for several reasons. They offer all-inclusive resorts, which offer a great value and convenience. They also offer a close proximity to the US (many with non-stop flights), beautiful beaches, tropical weather, soft adventure and plenty of water activities. Many resorts are adults-only or offer an adults-only section, which can be ideal for romance. There are many options to choose from including budget-friendly resorts, 5-star luxury properties and everything in between. 

Talk to your travel agent about what's important to you.  Your honeymoon should be a memorable and magical experience!

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