Thursday, May 12, 2016

10 Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

My last few trips I came back with my clothes fitting quite tight, so I  decided that before my next vacation I should have a game plan to help me stay on track.

For a lot of people a vacation is a once-a-year escape and they can choose to indulge completely. I think that is great!  However, for people like me who travel several times throughout the year, complete indulgence is not always possible. 

I asked a friend of mine and personal trainer,  Amy Lillie, for some tips on staying in shape while traveling and here is what she said:

1. Opt for Stairs
 What a great calorie-burner! At the airport, hotel, mall or museum take the stairs whenever possible.

2. Sight-See in Walking Shoes Instead of Taxis
There’s often no better way to take in the joys, scents, and surprises of the cultures you’re visiting than on foot.

3. Play with the Kids
Go ahead, relax and sunbathe a little, but make sure you have some calorie-burning fun with the kids, too. Play “Marco Polo” in the pool, pick up sea shells on the sea shore or go bike riding. Chances are, you’ll have as much fun (maybe even more!) as the little ones.

4. Plan Movement Opportunities Into Every Day
After lunch, take off for aerobic adventures. Go for a nice long walk along the park or shore. Ask your hotel’s concierge for walking maps of the area. If you’re in unfamiliar territory, your concierge should also be able to point out safe, crime-free pedestrian routes.

5. Turn Airline Terminals Into Walking Tracks
Instead of just sitting, take the opportunity to burn some calories! Listen to you favorite music and take walk up and down the terminal. Every step counts!  With just 15 minutes of brisk walking, you can burn 100 or more calories. Walking will also keep you from getting bored and mindlessly munching.

6. Book for Fitness
When booking hotels, choose only those with fitness centers and/or guest passes to nearby gyms. If you can roll out of bed and roll into a gym minutes later, you’ll have given yourself the best insurance that you’ll fit fitness into each day. Plus, working out every morning will increase your motivation to eat more healthfully throughout the day.

7. Don't Overindulge at Every Meal
Don't deprive yourself, use moderation when you indulge in your favorite splurge foods. For example, have a bite or two of your favorite dessert, but don't eat the whole slice. If you know that you'll be having dinner at a restaurant you've been dying to try, then eat lighter throughout the day so you have some calories to spare. Apply the 80/20 rule: Make 20 percent of your daily calories the treat food of your choice, then try to stick to your healthy diet as best you can for the other 80 percent. Think of your calories as an allowance: Save on calories where you can, and spend them on things that are really worth it.

8. Don't Drink Up Your Calories
Ordering a poolside frozen margarita can blow a good portion of your calorie count for the day — just one contains a whooping 700 calories! Sure, you're on vacation and want to unwind with a couple of drinks, just make a healthier choice when it comes to alcohol too. Instead of sugar-laden cocktails, choose lower-calorie drinks like a white-wine spritzer, light beer, red or white wine, flavored vodka with club soda, or tequila on the rocks with lime.

9. Aim for Fitness-Maintenance
While vacationing, you may not have as much time as you do at home for your regular workout, but that’s okay. Always remember that doing something is a whole lot better than doing nothing at all! Shoot for at least 50% of your normal routine.

10. Savor the Rewards
Each day as you wake, anticipating the wonderful things you’ll be doing, the sights you’ll be seeing, remind yourself how great it feels to be fit and healthy!

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