Sunday, July 1, 2018

Kantun-Chi Eco Park - Review

I have been to Mexico several times. I have visited the Riviera Maya numerous times and have enjoyed eco parks, cenotes and wildlife. I've done a ton of excursions and felt like I had "done it all."

This last trip was different though. I was taking my son with me for the first time. Things were different. Excursions that I enjoyed on my own or with my friends were not as family-friendly. I love going to cenotes (sinkholes filled with water which are either open, partially underground or fully underground and cave-like).

The cenote tour I did 2 years ago was fun. I got to zipline into a cenote, kayak, jump, rappel down and more into 5 different cenotes. The problem was, this was an all-day tour that required getting into a bus early in the morning and driving (on very rough roads) to reach each of the cenotes. I knew my 11 year old son would have a hard time on an excursion this long and would likely get bored on the bus in between the action. I also wasn't sure how he would do on the more adventurous options.

I was introduced to Kantun-Chi by Alex Martinez, who told me about the beautiful property he worked at and how it was great for families. I decided to visit with my son last month and I'm so glad I did. My friend and her 11 year old son joined us.

The first thing I noticed about this place was the unspoiled beauty. I truly felt surrounded by nature and it was clear that this was not anything like the crowded commercial eco parks in the riviera maya. It felt private, secluded and peaceful.

We made our way to gear up (everything is provided) and went to our first cenote. The boys were amazed at the rock formations and the bats flying around. We all jumped in and it was refreshing to say the least!

The next cenote was just a walk down a path. This was one of my favorite things about Kantun-Chi. They have all of the cenotes and an underground river on the same property. There is no bus ride to take you to each one. It's all there and easy to access.

The kids were thrilled to see another cenote that looked so different from the first one. They were eager to get in and snorkel.

The favorite was the cenote where they got to jump in. This was a chance for the boys to show how brave they were! It's about 4 meters high and into a beautiful cenote surrounded by trees with roots coming up all around. Luis, our guide was encouraging the fun the whole time. He was also very passionate and knowledgeable which made the whole experience incredible.

The underground river was just amazing. The experience was a combination of swimming, crawling and walking through this underground world with formations that were a million years old. It was truly unique and memorable.

Lunch was really unexpected. I was thinking that it would be a very causal meal, like a picnic. I was wrong! The food was amazing and had plating that mimicked an 5 star resort instead of an eco park. It was such a unique experience to be one with nature and then dine outside surrounded by beauty with food that was top-notch.

We had limited time so we only spent about 3 hours there. However, they give the option to stay longer and explore the cenotes on your own after the tour, or relax in the hammocks. Next time I will plan to spend more time there.

This place is not only great for families but the environment is so romantic it could be perfect for proposals or even weddings.

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