Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Resort Review: Now Sapphire - Puerto Morelos Mexico

Now Sapphire

I recently returned from a week in Mexico and had the opportunity to stay at and tour several resorts. The first resort I stayed at was Now Sapphire in Puerto Morelos, near Cancun. I took an AmStar Transfer from the airport, a company that I recommend and arrived at the resort around 11:00 A.M.

As a "Preferred Club" guest I was able to leave my luggage with the bell man,  bi-pass the front desk in the lobby and head over to the Preferred Club Lounge for a private check-in.

Inside the air-conditioned lounge there were a few desks, couches and chairs, several snacks and cookies and a business center with computers for personal use. I sat down at the desk to begin the check in process. A moment later the lounge bartender came over and asked if he could get me a drink. Despite the fact it was eleven in the morning I requested a Pina Colada. He returned quickly and the drink was amazing.

Now Sapphire Preferred Club Lounge
Check in was very easy. Since I'm a travel agent and had a full property tour arranged with management later that afternoon we skipped the resort introduction. I did overhear another couple and a resort representative discussing details. He was explaining the dining options, how reservations were not needed, where to find entertainment, bars, etc.

My room was not quite ready so I headed over to the Blue Water Grill for lunch. The outdoor seating gave a perfect view of the ocean and had a lovely breeze. The blackbirds would occasional come down to steal leftover food or wait on the umbrellas for someone to drop a tortilla chip. To some they may be considered a nuisance, to me they were fun to watch and just part of being outside.

The garden salad was fresh and beautiful, but I didn't care for the dressing. The cheese quesadillas I ordered were very good, as was the salsa and guacamole.

Blue Water Grill

Garden Salad at Blue Water Grill

I continued my day by meeting with the sales director and taking a tour of resort facilities. The main lobby is large and surrounded with fountains and clear water. There are some decks that go across and act as bridges to get from one area to the next. Here is where you find a path to the restaurants, lobby bar, beach and pools.

Main Pool

The pool was very large, and even though the resort was at full capacity it did not seem overcrowded. The vibe was lively with music and pool activities going on.

The resort offers fantastic meeting spaces and would be ideal for corporate incentives, workshops and events.

The kid's program had a full schedule, broken down by the hour so children always had something to do and parents could relax at the beach or at the pool.

The beach was a bit disappointing. The entire area of Cancun has had a bad year with sea grass. This particular stretch had quite a bit. The resort staff was working hard on it around the clock, starting early in the morning. The water was not as clear and blue as I would have hoped for.

I had dinner at Cibu, and my vegetarian lasagna was amazing. I also enjoyed the bruschetta appetizer and salad bar.

Overall, I think that Now Sapphire offers a great value. The rooms are nice and very clean. The staff was all very helpful and food was great. If your main focus is a great beach, this resort is not for you. If you tend to spend more time at the pool then it's a great option! I do recommend the Preferred Club option. It just adds so much to the experience. For booking information, please contact  or

Preferred Club Garden View Room

Garden View 

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