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Resort Review - Sandos Caracol Eco Resort

Sandos Caracol, in Playacar, Mexico is a wonderfully unique place. A few weeks ago I was able to stay there and take a tour of this beautiful all-inclusive eco resort. I instantly fell in love.

This is such a multi-dimensional place and each aspect comes together in perfect harmony. The best way to explain what they offer is just breaking it down.


Sandos Caracol offers a Family Section, Adults-Only Select Club and The Royal Elite Section. I stayed in the Select Club and was very happy. My room  was located near the main lobby and also close to the Select Club pool and reception area. The Select Club has a private restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and became one of my favorite spots (more on that later).

The Royal Elite rooms offer a close proximity to the beach and pool, as well as VIP service and a private restaurant.

Family Suites are sprinkled in the middle section so again, be prepared to walk a little bit to reach the beach and main pool. There are golf cart shuttles that come around and will take you across the resort if needed, so it's not a big deal to be further back on the property. Plus, the grounds are so beautiful the walk is enjoyable!

Pools & Beach 

The adults-only pool was quiet, calm and relaxing. Very nice for couples on a honeymoon. The only downside is that these rooms are a little walk from the beach area and the main entertainment plaza.

The main pool was located near the beach and that's where you will find the activities, water sports and nearby dining options.

The beach has gentle waves, not as much seaweed as several other resorts in the area this time of year and is only rocky on one side. If you walk the beach you will find the perfect spot to walk in!

There is an adults only section and Royal Elite section on the beach too, which offers some exclusivity.


There were plenty of places to eat at Sandos Caracol. From an international buffet, to Italian and Mexican buffets there were plenty of choices. In addition, the A La Carte options were amazing. My favorite was the vegetarian restaurant, called Salvia. They have recently been discussing more vegan options there too which is very exciting!

Other dining options were with Teppanyaki, Brazilian, Mediterranean, Italian and a Steak & Fish place. I didn't have anything bad to eat the whole time. I will also mention that in the past I have been to all-inclusive resorts where the desserts look beautiful but have no taste.. not true here. They were all amazing. I think it may have to do with everything being made on site.

There is also a snack place open 24 hours so there is always something to eat. I didn't try the food there (except one evening when I grabbed a quick ice cream cone)!

 The bars were all great. They have a list of drinks they can make for you as resort specialties, but they are skilled bartenders and will make any other drink you request as well. I was very impressed with the bar service and quality of the drinks.


This is where Sandos Caracol really excels. Sure, there are plenty of resorts in the Riviera Maya. They all offer entertainment, water sports, land sports, etc. What you get at Sandos Caracol is that - plus MUCH more. They are called an Eco Resort for a reason.


Walking around you can spot several types of birds, turtles, coatis, iguanas all over, racoons and spider monkeys. The best part of my trip was when I was eating breakfast at the Select Club and four spider monkeys came down from the trees to grab bananas. They were hanging around eating their breakfast while everyone took pictures. They had no fear of us, but kept their distance too. It was such an amazing experience to be so close to nature.

I was very impressed that the resort respects nature and wildlife and leaves the animals alone in their natural habitat.


This place was built around the jungle. They didn't knock everything down to make room for the resort. Instead, they built around cenotes, trees, Mayan ruins and lagoons.

Our guide showed us different trees and explained the stories that the Mayas told about them. He also showed us the ruins that are on site and did a sensory experience with our group that was really cool.

What makes this place so unique is that you can explore the jungle (on foot or on provided bikes), swim in a cenote, view wildlife, get immersed in Mayan history and culture, yet still have all of the comforts and benefits of an all-inclusive beach resort at the same time.


The resort has entertainment every night and a huge focus is the Mayan culture. You can watch fire shows and ceremonies and participate in a survival game too. It's great for the whole family. For something romantic, couples can take a private boat ride in the Jade river.


For kids, there is a nice water park with slides and pools as well as a kids program with a full schedule each day to keep kids busy and happy the whole trip.

I'm already planning my next trip back. I will be recommending Sandos Caracol to my clients for sure! For more photos visit

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